Beverage Pouch

The newly developed RP Beverage Pouches are the most innovative drink vessels on the market for 2018 and offer an array of benefits ranging from consumer experience to operational storage.
Benefits for Your Business
  • Produce the Beverage Pouch CUSTOM to ANY capacity desired with integrated optional fill lines - 16oz / 18oz / 24oz / 32oz / 44oz / 56oz / 72oz / 86oz / 103oz
  • Capability to Produce in Full Color or 4 Color Process and make brand colors STAND OUT when being served.
This Item Uniquely Offers
  • Full Stack-ability & Collapsibility - Allows 1,000+ 18oz Drinks PER Box vs 16 Pint Glass
  • ZIP Seal - Fully Sealed On Top for Liquid/Beverage Safety and Transportation
  • BPA Free
  • Ability to Stand Perfectly Once Filled w/ Beverage and/or Ice
  • Finger Loop Designed for Easy Carrying / Serving Consumers
  • Optional Poke Hole for Straw Placed Anywhere on Pouch Above Fill Line
  • Ability to Fold and Fit Into Pockets, Bags, Anywhere To Take On The Go
  • Great for Festivals, Stadiums, Chain Restaurants, Fairs & Carnivals!


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