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Glacier Bags keep it cold, get around Indiana cold beer ban

INDIANAPOLIS, IN (WAVE) - Indiana convenience stores are not allowed to sell cold beer, so they have come up with a loophole.

It's called the Glacier Bag a reusable bag that will chill beer and other beverages in just 15 minutes.

Warm beer goes in the Glacier Bag, which is then filled with ice from the soda machine. The bag promises to cool your beer in 15 minutes and keep it cold for hours.

Customers who buy the bag get free ice from the store's ice machine on subsequent purchases.To see the list of stores selling the Chill Indiana Glacier Bags, click here.

The announcement was made before Memorial Day weekend, and was the latest attempt by the Indiana Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Stores Association to combat liquor stores' exclusive right to sell cold carry-out beer in Indiana.