Grub Tub & Glacier Bag Increasing Sales at 7-Eleven

The Grub Tub and Glacier Bag were being sold for the first time at 7-Eleven's Lollapalooza Event and the results we amazing! Mike Angel, Certified Business Consultant at 7-Eleven had this to say:

The Event was phenomenal! The Grub Tubs and Glacier Bags were a big hit, and we were getting them into peoples’ hands for use and as a kind of Souvenir of the Event. We termed the Grub Tubs as “Concert Trays” and they flew. The customers were going crazy for Grub Tubs and Glacier Bags, especially at Hotel Patrons at the Silversmith and Chicago Athletic Club!

Mike also added that they saw a huge increase in sales in every category and here are the exact numbers:

  • Total Store Sales +27%
  • Fresh Food +57%
  • Fountain Drinks +54%
  • Chips/Snacks +57%
  • Sold close to 400 Grub Tub meals by 11am (they ran out)
grub tub glacier bag 7-eleven


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