RP & Associates Exhibits at the Hawaii Foodservice Expo

RP & Associates were among the exhibitors at the Hawaii Lodging, Hospitality & Foodservice Expo (July 11th & 12th) with the BOOTH #1005 and the main reason was our brand new product that has been taking off in the states, especially in chains such as 7-Eleven and Love's.

Glacier Bags are fully customizable and are the perfect solution for your customers to take ice cold drinks to the beach, hotels or anywhere else; they will make your customers' bottled or canned beverages ice cold within just 15 minutes (take a look at the video below). They are also an efficient replacement to traditional coolers, because we can fit more in a box and they use less shelf space. Styrofoam coolers are also being banned around the country, making the Glacier Bag the perfect solution.

Aside from the Glacier Bag we also exhibited many other new and unique products such as the Eternal Rose Glass that not only embodies the real shape of a rose modified into a drinking vessel, but has petals inside which heighten the other senses of the drink, engaging your customer that much more.