Grub Tub Grab & Go Upseller

The Grub Tub Grab & Go Upseller


The Grub Tub Grab and Go Upseller is designed to increase your sales through allowing customers to carry their food and beverage in one hand so they can conveniently enjoy their food and drink on the go. Its patent-pending engineering consists of rings around the bottom enables the product to universally fit onto your existing cup sizes and replaces your lid so your customer can place their food on top of their drink for easy access.

Its large capacity of 44 oz is fit to be served with a wide variety of food, ranging anywhere from popcorn to a complete combo meal and is completely stackable. Purchase the Grub Tub today in order to improve your overall customer satisfaction and increased concession sales!


  • Blank (Small Order Quantities Ok)
  • Combo Packs with cup and straw (Small Order Quantities Ok)
  • Customized (Large Order Quantities Only)


 Product Info

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Material Polypropylene
Colors in Stock White
Dimensions/Capacity 44oz
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Case
# Per Case 300
Pricing / Printing Options Call


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