Finally a Solution for Beverage & Ice To Go!

beverage bag and glacier bag - solution for beverage on the go

Importance of Reusable Ice Bags

Would you sell a combo of a burger and fires without an ice cold beverage to go with it? Well, we finally have a solution for you and your customers, thanks to our fully customizable Beverage Bags & Glacier Bags which both come in 1/2 and 1-gallon variations. This way, you're combo meals will become even more valuable because now, you're customers will be able to take home a full gallon of their favorite beverage, and still drink it ice cold once they arrive home!

By developing these products we created the ultimate solution for on-the-go beverage that will help increase sales, brand awareness, and your customer's delivery experience that will leave them coming back for more! And not only do these products allow you to up-sell your beverages, but they will also allow you to do the same for your ice since this is the first re-usable ice bag on the market.

Glacier Bag is the first ever cooler bag with a twist off lid large enough to fit a 6 pack of Coke Cans or Bottles, to use as a portable, collapsible cooler bag or infusion jar/dispenser for serving batch cocktails or drink mixes. The Beverage Bags have a smaller opening making them ideal for on-the-go fountain drinks allowing your customers to take home up to 1-gallon of their favorite beverage.

The benefits of these low-cost, high-quality bags are almost limitless, but below are a few worth mentioning:

  • Reusable - so your customer's can use their portable cooler bag/beverage dispenser bag anytime, anywhere, any place, continuously promoting your brand along the way.
  • Fill with Ice - to deliver the bottle ice cold by the time it reacher your customer's door step.
  • Full Color Graphics - to increase brand awareness.
  • Option to Add a Spigot - on the bottom for your customer's to use as a beverage dispenser.
  • Add Recepies - printed on the bag to promote your restaurant's favorite cocktails and provide access to the same adult beverage experience from the comfort of their own homes.
  • Lid With a Handle - for easy carrying and portability


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