Beverage Bag Wide Mouth

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Our Glacier Ice Bag is the first ever cooler bag with a twist off lid large enough to fit a 6 pack of Coke Cans or Bottles, to use as a portable, collapsible cooler bag or infusion jar/dispenser for serving batch cocktails or drink mixes. The Beverage Bags have a smaller opening making them ideal for on-the-go fountain drinks allowing your customers to take home up to 1-gallon of their favorite beverage.

The benefits of these low-cost, high-quality bags are almost limitless, but below are a few worth mentioning:

  • Reusable - so your customer's can use their portable cooler bag/beverage dispenser bag anytime, anywhere, any place, continuously promoting your brand along the way.
  • Fill with Ice - to deliver the bottle ice cold by the time it reacher your customer's door step.
  • Full Color Graphics - to increase brand awareness.
  • Option to Add a Spigot - on the bottom for your customer's to use as a beverage dispenser.
  • Add Recepies - printed on the bag to promote your restaurant's favorite cocktails and provide access to the same adult beverage experience from the comfort of their own homes.
  • Lid With a Handle - for easy carrying and portability

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