Plastic Jugs

plastic jugs

Everyday Retail Jug

If you're looking for Plastic Jugs (Water Jugs, Juice Jugs, Dairy Jugs, & Beverage Containers) you're at the right place. Our jugs are made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic which doesn't flavor the contents, is lightweight and also allows you to see the liquid/beverage inside.

These Plastic Jugs are available in various sizes and are made from food-grade material which makes them ideal for packaging liquids for the food industry, more specifically for the beverage and dairy markets. They can be branded with the logo of your choice and also have a space-efficient design for shipping and shelving.

Also, if you are interested in an alternative and a better cost/space-saving option, then our Beverage Bags are the perfect product for your business!