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glacier bag 6 pack


Glacier Bag Program helps retail, grocery, and convenience stores increase sales of all wine, beer, and spirits. Increase sales in your most profitable category while providing customers a convenient way to chill and/or gift bottles, cans, or 6-packs. The Glacier Bag can also be used to sell ice, which creates a new profit center or increases profitability of existing ice sales – it’s a multifunctional lifestyle bag that has numerous functions and uses in all types of situations/applications.

Benefits to Store Operators
  • Reduces Cost & Saves Shelf Space - Cheaper alternative to a Styrofoam Cooler because it takes up less shelf and storage space. 15 to 25 Glacier Bags use the same amount of space as 1-2 traditional Coolers.
  • Styrofoam Cooler Outlawed - Replacement for Styrofoam Coolers that are becoming outlawed across the country.
  • Up-Sell & Combo Sales - Sell the Glacier Bag to Customers that are purchasing beverages, or create a combo with the Glacier Bag and slowing moving beverages to drive sales.
  • Sell Ice - Allow customers to fill the Glacier Bag with ice at your fountain machine to eliminate your cost of ice.
  • Wine Gift Bag - Sell the Glacier Bag with your wines to give your customers a functional giftbag that can also chill wine.
Benefits for your Customers
  • Cold Beverages - Customers can purchase any beverage from your stores (2-Liter, Wine, Soda Cans, etc.) and it will be cold by the time they arrive to their destination.
  • On the Go Convenience - Perfect for taking beverages to the beach, pool, BBQ, park, party, or anywhere else.
  • Multi-Functional -Glacier Bag is a multi-functional lifestyle bag that your customers will use over and over again. Customers can use it as a traditional bag, dry bag, emergency bag, storage bag for foods/snacks, infusion jar, water bag, etc.
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