Fully-Branded, Space Saving Yard

Invisi-Yards are a great way to promote your marketing initiatives while keeping your guests drinks safe and secure. They save a ton of space compared to traditional yards since they're collapsible, and the entire yard can be fully branded marketing.

How To

Fill the Invisi-Yard with your favorite beverage (add ice if needed), replace the cap, and enjoy!

Popular Applications
  • Limited Space - Great for use anywhere space is limited since you can fit hundreds of collapsible Invisi-Yards into the same box that would fit only a couple dozen traditional yards.
  • Promotion & Marketing Programs - Unlike traditional yards, Invisi-Yards can be fully branded with your artwork or marketing materials; it's sure to turn heads and is a great way to broadcast your message in a unique and mobile format.
  • Portability & Security - Invisi-Yards are durable and can be used with a variety of tops to provide easy access to your beverage or keep it secure while on-the-go.
Popular Customizations
  • Lanyard - For added carrying conveneince and security when on the go.
  • Customize the Cap - Customize the cap so guests can use the yards however you'd like; add a lid with straw for easy access, a fully sealed cap for security, or remove the cap all together so it can be used like traditional cup.
  • Artwork - The entire yard can be branded with full color artwork; we can even make transparent areas so you can see the drink inside!
  • Style - Customize the size, shape, and look of the bag to meet your brand's needs.


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