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Auntie Anne's recently launched their On The Go Combo featuring the Grub Tub in select locations accross the US. The Auntie Annes On The Go Combo featuring the Grub Tub is being tested in approximatly 10 locations in the US, but after just a few weeks, a Tik Tok user posted the Combo and the video quickly went viral with more than 2 million view and 300,000 likes. You can see the video above or click here to view it on Tik Tok.

If you're not familiar with the Grub Tub, it's the one handed solution that allows you to conviently carry and enjoy your food and beverage with one hand. Simply place the Grub Tub with food on top of your favorite beverage and customers can carry an entire combo in one hand or conveniently place it in a cup holder; it's great for stadiums, malls, drive through, and much more. Not only does the Grub Tub create convenience for your customers but creates impressions for your brand when people look at teh grub Tub with your branding or when its posted online like in the Tik Tok video above.

Grub Tub features multiple rings on the bottom that allows it to easily to attach to multiple size cups, or cans, as well as threads to attached to various types of plastic bottles. Click here to learn more about the Grub Tub or contact us today to get Grub Tubs for your brand.

Auntie Anne's Launches Grub Tub in the US

Auntie Anne's recently launched their On The Go Combo featuring RP & Associates' patented Grub Tub. Auntie Annes was looking for a unique and creative way to increase activations and combo sales; RP & Associates designed custom Grub Tubs for Auntie Annes features that features a sauce and pick holder.

Auntie Anne's customers can purchase a variety of nuggets or pretzel dogs with a drink served in a Grub Tub for just $9.99. Auntie Anne's initially tested the program in Puerto Rico before launching it in select locations through the US. Initial testing showed an increase of approximately 50 to 80 combo sales per day; the increased combo sales also increased their attachment rate and average ticket. Auntie Anne's also allows customers to upgrade to a large drink for an additional charge, further helping their metrics and increasing up-sells. Auntie Anne's launched the Grub Tub with multiple point-of-sales signs, menu signage, and graphic clings promoting their Grub Tub On The Go Combo. The unique aspects of the Grub Tub also demand attention and make it a walking billboard for your brand as customers walk around with the Grub Tub; it's a great form of unique marketing that is sure to get attention.

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Grub Tub allows customers to easily hold their food and beverage with one hand while on the go, or place it in a cup holder; this allows customers to purchase more and creates a unique and memorable experience associated with your brand. Grub Tub has rings on the bottle that allow it to work with three different size cups, cans, and bottles. 

Grub Tub creates on-the-go convenience which is perfect for high foot traffic and on-the-go locations like Auntie Annes, which are often located in food courts, malls, etc. Grub Tubs are also popularly used at stadiums and venues, and are great for QSR and drive through applications since it easily fits in your cup holder. Contact us today at 310-372-9709 to learn more or get your custom Grub Tubs.

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