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Beverage Bags "A Solution for Everyone"

Storing beverage was never easier

Beverage Bags allows beverage brands and restaurant chains to provide their customers with convenient options for purchasing group or family sizes beverages. Beverage Bags are a unique and practical alternative to Plastic Jugs because they are shipped/stored flat - which saves valuable backhouse storage space while creating convenience for guests. RP & Associates has received positive feedback from brands across the country and is now offering custom branded Beverage Bags to all clients.

Rutter's "Be The Party" Bags by RP & Associates

Adult Slushie Party Bags are available at Rutter's beer stores!

After Daiqruiris and the New Orleans Saints launched their "Gallon to Geaux" Bags, the convenience store chain Rutter's just recently announced the launch of their brand new "Be The Party" Bags which will not only save space and reduce storage costs but will also increase beverage sales as well as brand awareness.

RP & Associates supplied a custom shaped and branded Beverage Bag for this program, which is now available at all Rutter's locations! Aside from Icee/Slushie beverages, our Beverage Bags can also be used for all types of carbonated/non-carbonated as well as hot/cold drinks. For more information on our Beverage Bags program click here.

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Glacier Bags featured on Fox 8

In collaboration with Fat Tuesday and New Orleans Original Daiquiris, RP & Associates' Glacier Bags were aired on Fox 8 featuring former NFL player Zach Strief.

If you are interested in our Glacier Bags, please contact us or you can see more info on them by clicking here.

Glacier Bags featured on QVC

RP & Associates is proud to announce that our Glacier Bag set was once again featured on QVC. Take a look at the video below or you can order them from QVC by clicking here.

If you're intrested in getting more info on our Glacier Bags, please contact us or you can see more info on them by clicking here.


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