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RP & Associates visit F.O.A.C. Trade Show in Chicago

RP & Associates introduce Glacier Bags & Grub Tub at the Franchise Owners Association of Chicagoland Trade Show. Glacier Bags were a hit in Chicago due to the amount of bags being sold out at the show.
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Hat Shaker featured on Dodgers Insider


Description: Vodka, Blue Caracao, Pineapple juice, fresh lemon sour mix with a splash of Sprite.

Location(s): Think Blue Bar on Field level (section 1) & Reserve level (section 13), Blue Heaven on Earth Bar on Right Field Plaza, #ITFDB Bar on Left Field Plaza, Hite Bar on Loge level (section 107), Rita Cabana Bar on Loge level (section 161) & Top Deck Buds on Top Deck (section 5)"

Via: Dodgers Insider

Hat Shaker Launches with Yankees and Dodgers

RP & Associate is proud to announce the new Hat Shaker we're launching with the Dodgers and New York Yankees. The Hat Shaker is an Acrylic Three Piece Shaker with a Hat that has your favorite team's logo on it.
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Grub Tub was recently featured in Sport Illustrated's article titled "Ranking the Best and Weirdest MLB Playoff Food."

Connor Grossman featured the Grub Tub while reviewing Yankees' Meatloaf Burger; he isn't a huge fan of meatloaf in general, but Grossman touted the Grub Tub as "Yankees' prized concession" and went on to say that he was "infinitely more likely to order the Grub Tub."

The article is another example showing how much people love the convenience of the Grub Tub; it's a unique way to create convenience while increasing your sales at the same time.

Via: Sports Illustrated


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