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RP and Nathan's Taking Over Social Media

"I've never seen a company understand their customer base more than Nathan's." - we have seen countless comments like this all over social media about our newest Grub Tub.

The #GrubTub is quickly making its presence known across all social media platforms - Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and the feedback is phenomenal, even BuzzFeed called the Grub Tub a "Freakin Genius Idea".

The Grub Tub is finally getting the attention it deserves as a revolutionary product that is unquestionably changing the modern food and beverage industry, evident by the stellar feedback from our friends at Nathan's Famous. They were among the first to recognize the unparalleled potential of the Grub Tub that offered the perfect food and drink combo for their customers!

As the saying goes "the customer is always right" - let's take a look what the customers said about the Grub Tub:

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Grub Tub wins best novelty item at NRA 2017

"The struggle is finally over. Now you CAN have your cake and eat it too! OK, well maybe it’s just your hot dogs and soda conveniently together in a single container that you can hold in one hand while eating with the other. Perhaps this container from RP & Associates would make a fun addition to your catering food truck that gives you more branding." - those are the words of John Cohen from Total Party Planner.

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Recent social media on the Grub Tub

At RP & Associates, we strive for innovation and ingenuity. When we are able to nail those two attributes within one product, that’s exciting for us! As you may have seen on several social media platforms recently, our Grub Tub has been wildly popular. Just when we think the chatter has died down, the Grub Tub pops up somewhere else.

Most recently, BuzzFeed featured it as #2 on its list of, 21 Things Are So Freakin’ Genius. In addition to the BuzzFeed highlight, we were a hit on popular Instagram and Twitter accounts, garnering over a collective million likes, shares and comments. Thank you for your support that has made all of this possible.

Check out the recent Grub Tub features below:

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Grub Tub on Buzz Feed

The Grub Tub has been all over social media, attracting a large amount of positive comments and this time it ended up on Buzz Feed's 21 Things That Are So Freakin' Genius list which has close to 2 million views!

The list contains various things from amazing ideas on how parents should surprise their children to customized ceilings in dentist offices, and our very own Grub Tub is ranked amongst the highest on this list, topping other genius inventions and ideas! It's one thing when you're considered a genius invention in the food and beverage industry, but it sure does mean a lot when you're ranked so high amongst the top 21 freakin' genius things in every life aspect, not only food and beverage!

Check out the list and read the full article by clicking here.


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