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Stackable Condiment Tray

Garnish centers, or other wise known as condiment holders are a great way to set up your bars service area to be efficient, sanitary and organized. We offer many different styles of condiment trays, but today we present a brand new style - Stackable Condiment Tray. They are ideal for hold your commonly used drink garnishes such as lemons, limes, cherries and olives. They are even designed for easy cleanup as well as storage at the end of the night.

We offer the Stackable Condiment Tray in: silver, white and white/silver color.

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Condiment trays are an essential bar supply for any bar or restaurant which serves an extensive drink cocktail menu. Stand out and raise your brand awareness by adding your own logo on the Stackable Condiment Tray - call (310) 372 9709 and start serving drinks with style today!

Grub Tub was once again featured in the press and continues to be one of the most popular and innovative food items this summer; the Washington Redskins are the latest team to begin using the Grub Tub and were featured in an article by the Washington Post titled "From Grub Tubs to metal detectors: A look at what's new at Fedex Field for 2017".

Redskins hosted a "Taste of Fedex Field" last Wednesday and invited the press and select season ticket holders to see their new offerings. Redskins Vice President of Operations and Guest Experience is quoted in the article saying the Grub Tub is "the most exciting thing...this year". It's was recently featured in Nathan's Famous Annual Hot Dog Eating Contest as well, and has received over a billion cumulative likes on social media.

If you're not familiar with the Grub Tub, it's the one-handed solution to holding your food and beverage in one hand. Click here to learn more about the Grub Tub or contact us today for more info.

Source: Washington Post

Grub Tub at Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest


According to a legend, on July 4th, 1916, four immigrants held a hot dog eating contest at Nathan's Famous stand on Coney Island to settle an argument about who was the most patriotic. Since then it is held each year on Independence Day at Nathan's Famous Corporation's original, and best-known restaurant in Coney Island, NY.

Back to back champion Joey "Jaws" Chestnut

Rise of popularity

The contest has gained public attention in recent years due to the stardom of Takeru Kobayashi and of course, Joey "Jaws" Chestnut, who is the current champion (9-time Champion), at 70 hot dogs in the 2016 championship. The competitors stand on a raised platform behind a long table with drinks and Nathan's Famous hot dogs in buns. Most contestants have water on hand, but other kinds of drinks can be used. The hot dogs are allowed to cool slightly after grilling to prevent possible mouth burns and the contestant that consumes the most hod dogs and buns in ten minutes is declared the winner.

Joey "Jaws" Chestnut and Takeru Kobayashi

The "bejeweled" belts

The winner of the men's competition is given possession of the coveted international "bejeweled" mustard-yellow belt, and the belt is of "unknown age and value" according to IFCOCE co-founder George Shea. In 2011, Sonya Thomas won the inaugural women's competition and its "bejeweled" pink belt. Starting in 2007, cash prizes have been awarded to the top finishers.

We're proud to say that this year we will see the Grub Tub on the stage in front of the contesters which are chasing the "bejeweled" mustard-yellow and pink belts.

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RP and Nathan's Taking Over Social Media

"I've never seen a company understand their customer base more than Nathan's." - we have seen countless comments like this all over social media about our newest Grub Tub.

The #GrubTub is quickly making its presence known across all social media platforms - Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and the feedback is phenomenal, even BuzzFeed called the Grub Tub a "Freakin Genius Idea".

The Grub Tub is finally getting the attention it deserves as a revolutionary product that is unquestionably changing the modern food and beverage industry, evident by the stellar feedback from our friends at Nathan's Famous. They were among the first to recognize the unparalleled potential of the Grub Tub that offered the perfect food and drink combo for their customers!

As the saying goes "the customer is always right" - let's take a look what the customers said about the Grub Tub:

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