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Case Study - Moscow Mule Mugs

custom moscow mule mugs
Most Popular Items at Restaurants & Bars

Moscow Mule Mugs are one of the most popular items at restaurants and bars. RP & Associates is one of the leading suppliers of Mule Mugs in the US, and we also develop and manufacture Custom Moscow Mule Mugs for our clients.


The Benihana restaurant company, which owns 116 restaurants around the world, decided to use our Moscow mule mug to elevate their customer's unique experience. Benihana decided to stand out; they took our classic Moscow mule style and collaborated with our designers to create a custom designed mug that was shaped as a Chef’s hat. Benihana loved the concept so much that they decided to feature the original mule mug at all of their locations.

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Melting Pot

Another unique way our mule mug was completely customized was with The Melting Pot restaurant chain. The Melting Pot is known for their signature fondue’s so we partnered with them to create a mule mug that perfectly resembled the signature melting pot.

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Figenza Vodka

Instead of completely creating an entirely new Moscow mule mold from scratch, we were able to come up with another creative solution with some unique handle options. Figenza Vodka joined with RP to create a tailor-made piece with the Figenza mug which features a leaf as the handle. RP also paired with a popular steak house chain by personalizing the mule mug with specially made steak knife handles.

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Creating Your Own Mugs

If you're interested in creating your own version and would like to receive more information as well as pricing, you can do so by going to our Custom Moscow Mule Mugs and requesting a quote on the right sidebar, and our representatives will be reaching out with pricing and more info!

Boost Your Brand Awareness with Original Concepts

Here at RP&Associates,Inc. we believe in thinking outside of the box. We believe in creating experimental products that are actually worth remembering. How did we get started with this belief? Our fearless and to say the least, unique leader, Rich Pola has an imagination much different than your average CEO.

Rich has created The Grub Tub; you might’ve heard of it or even better yet got to experience it in person. Whether you’ve seen it on social media sites such as The Fat Jewish or featured on Fox sports, the grub tub has become a product that you are guaranteed to remember. You know how frustrating it is to be at an event or stadium and have to manage holding your food and drink and not spilling? Yeah, we got that feeling too. Rich took this annoyance we have all faced and decided to create something useful; a solution to carrying your food and beverage in one hand.

Is the Grub Tub the quintessential solution to your food and beverage convenience? I’d say being dubbed, “the greatest invention in food service since man discovered fire”, would be a nice start. We love being able to cheer on our favorite teams or slap hands with our buds while not having to worry about spilling. How would you like to experience the grub tub at your next big event and become a pioneer for successful brand awareness?

Finally a Solution for Beverage & Ice To Go!

beverage bag and glacier bag - solution for beverage on the go

Importance of Reusable Ice Bags

Would you sell a combo of a burger and fires without an ice cold beverage to go with it? Well, we finally have a solution for you and your customers, thanks to our fully customizable Beverage Bags & Glacier Bags which both come in 1/2 and 1-gallon variations. This way, you're combo meals will become even more valuable because now, you're customers will be able to take home a full gallon of their favorite beverage, and still drink it ice cold once they arrive home!

By developing these products we created the ultimate solution for on-the-go beverage that will help increase sales, brand awareness, and your customer's delivery experience that will leave them coming back for more! And not only do these products allow you to up-sell your beverages, but they will also allow you to do the same for your ice since this is the first re-usable ice bag on the market.

Glacier Bag is the first ever cooler bag with a twist off lid large enough to fit a 6 pack of Coke Cans or Bottles, to use as a portable, collapsible cooler bag or infusion jar/dispenser for serving batch cocktails or drink mixes. The Beverage Bags have a smaller opening making them ideal for on-the-go fountain drinks allowing your customers to take home up to 1-gallon of their favorite beverage.

The benefits of these low-cost, high-quality bags are almost limitless, but below are a few worth mentioning:

  • Reusable - so your customer's can use their portable cooler bag/beverage dispenser bag anytime, anywhere, any place, continuously promoting your brand along the way.
  • Fill with Ice - to deliver the bottle ice cold by the time it reacher your customer's door step.
  • Full Color Graphics - to increase brand awareness.
  • Option to Add a Spigot - on the bottom for your customer's to use as a beverage dispenser.
  • Add Recepies - printed on the bag to promote your restaurant's favorite cocktails and provide access to the same adult beverage experience from the comfort of their own homes.
  • Lid With a Handle - for easy carrying and portability
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Grub Tub featured on the Today Show - Super Bowl LIII Segment

Your party for this Sunday’s Super Bowl doesn’t have to feel like a mad dash to the end zone. Entertaining expert Barbara Majeski joins Hoda and Jenna to share ways to score big with drinks, snacks, decor and more. The best way to score big is with our very own Grub Tub, which is being used by many NFL teams, was just featured on the Super Bowl LIII Segment of the Today Show on NBC and you can check it out below:

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Grub Tub now available at Hit Promotional Products

hit promotional products grub tub


Our patent-pending Grub Tub Squared is now available for purchase at the Hit Promotional Products website! A leader in the Promotional Products Industry for over 50 years, Hit Promotional Products is ranked among the top 5 suppliers in the nation. We take great pride in receiving numerous awards ranging from Counselor's 'Top 20 Supplier' to 'Supplier of the Year' and 'Top Customer Service' honors from many of our distributors and industry associations. We will strive to continue to be worthy of these awards.

The Grub Tub allows customers to consume their favorite food and beverage combo. Now featuring, a rectangular design, the Grub Tub Squared can hold larger food options including hot dogs, hamburgers, sausages, pizza slices, tacos and much more! Not only can the Grub Tub Squared fit on 16-40oz souvenir cups and bottles using our silicone bottle adapters, but a new feature is the ability to fit the Grub Tub on your favorite canned beverages as well.

Benefits for Your Business

  • Manufactured using recyclable PE material
  • Allows customers to easily carry a food and drink combo
  • Promote your brand
  • It's reusable
  • Full-color branding, convenient for carrying handle, and easy for use


  • Durable Design
  • Fits on any standard sized stadium cup, bottle and can
  • BPA Free
  • Available also in Round, Oval and Melamine
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