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Indiana C-Stores Announce a Better Way to Chill Beverages

RP & Chill Indiana solving the warm beer problem!

Convenience stores throughout Indiana will begin to market a better way for customers to buy beverages with the use of the Glacier Bags.

Take a look at the video below to fully understand how the Glacier Bags will solve the warm beer problem!

Click here to read the full press release issued by the Indiana Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Stores Association and their Executive Director Scot Imus.

Product Videos

Chill Indiana Glacier Bags Proven to be better than a freezer, fridge and freezer bag

Chill Indiana Glacier Bags Animated Video

RP Custom Glacier Bags

Glacier Bag - Explainer Video

Glacier Bag (6 Pack Can and Bottle) - Presentation

Glacier Bag (Champagne/Wine Bottle)

Glacier Bag - How it's being used

Grub Tub Movie

Grub Tub - Fits on all bottles and cans

Grub Tub featured on The Free Beer and Hot Wings Show

Grub Tub - Coca Cola Version

Nathan's Grub Tub

Corona Cantail - Video Demo

Cantail Mixing Demo

The Hitch

Grub Tub at the Atlantis Fresh Market

Our friends at Atlantis Fresh Market introduced their Grub Tub with a really cool line:

I wish there was a way to fit a bunch of delicious food and a refreshing drink in a cup holder...oh wait, THERE IS! #fillyourtub with Atlantis Fresh Market's Grub Tub! #grubtub

RP Products are all over Live Nation events!

The list of our products that is currently being used on all Live Nation events just got bigger! RP & Associates is currently providing the following products:

  • Palm Tree Yards
  • Bacardi Tin Cans
  • Smirnoff Stackable Mule Mugs
  • Pepsi/Live Nation Grub Tubs
  • Margarita Tails
  • Air Lights

One thing is certain - the fans love taking great pics with our products while listening to their favorite band!

View the embedded image gallery online at:


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