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News & Updates

Diversifying Yourself With A Bag - Taking It Home and Away

During the "VIBE Conference" in San Diego we learned how big of an impact 3rd Party Delivery Services have on the larger chain restaurants, and the increased sales opportunity by including alcohol and beverages within the offers provided by this rapidly escalating trend.

We have developed a new product that provides the ultimate solution for "on-the-go" beverage and alcohol delivery that help increase sales, increase brand recognition, and increase your customer's delivery experience, and that will leave them coming back for MORE!

The Glacier Bag is the first ever bag with a twist off lid with a handle for easy carrying and customizable bag size, large enough to fit any 750 mL bottle or 6 pack of beer and ice, for convenient portability delivery services.

The benefits of this low-cost, high-quailty bag are almost limitless, but below are a few worth mentioning:

  • Reusable - so your customer's can use their portable cooler bag / beverage dispenser bag anytime, anywhere, any place, continuously promoting your brand along the way.
  • Fill with Ice - to deliver the bottle ice cold by the time it reacher your customer's door step.
  • Full Color Graphics - to increase brand awareness.
  • Option to Add a Spigot - on the bottom for your customer's to use as a beverage dispenser.
  • Add Recepies - printed on the bag to promote your restaurant's favorite cocktails and provide access to the same adult beverage experience from the comfort of their own homes.
  • Lid With a Handle - for easy carrying and portability

For pricing and more information about the Glacier Bag and many more product call us at (310) 372 9709 or email at info@rpassociates.us!

RP Introduces the Grub Tub & Glacier Bag at the AT&T Stadium

We had the opportunity to introduce the Grub Tub, Glacier Bag, and a variety of other products for Legends, at their vendor showcase which was held at AT&T Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys.

The Coca Cola version of the Grub Tub was presented and it allows the consumer to carry both their food and beverage in one hand! It fits on any type of bottle, can or cup and fits in any seat cup holder so you can enjoy it while watching your favorite team!

The other product introduced by RP & Associates is the Coca Cola Glacier Bag program, which is a high quality low price bag! They allow you to easily carry drinks for you and your family and/or friends while keeping them ice cold!

{gallery}Dallas Cowboys Stadium{/gallery}
RP & Associates entered the Grub Tub in the 2018 World Food Innovation Awards. The Grub Tub is now one of the finalists to win this award!

January Popular Wine & Drink Accessory Trends

Unique Wine & Drink Accessories are a great way to promote your brand and drive sales.

Take a look at the images and pricing of our Silicone Wine Glass Tags and Wine Stoppers below; both can be customized with your logo and are a unique way to build brand awareness.

Contact us today to request a virtual rendering or sample for your brand.

RP & Associates now has four in-house 3D printers

Being a successful business means staying innovative!
These 3D printers allow us to stay innovative by creating custom prototypes, samples and inventing new products all in the same day.


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