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How the Chill Indiana bag stacks up

The Chill Indiana Glacier Bag has been all over the news in the past week since it's bringing back cold beer in the state of Indiana! Take a look at the video below and you'll see how all the advantages the Glacier Bag has on the cooler, freezer and a regular plastic bag and just how much more convenient they are:

Chill Indiana Glacier Bags - Locations

The Chill Indiana Glacier Bags have been all over the news for the past few days as they are bringing back cold beer to the state of Indiana! And because of that, the Glacier Bags are generating a lot of interest so we went ahead and got a list of stores where you can purchase them:

Click here to see the list of stores which will be getting their Glacier Bags in the upcoming days!

Reusable Glacier Bag for beer helps convenience stores

INDIANAPOLIS – Convenience stores throughout Indiana are taking a new tack in the quest to be able to sell cold beer – a reusable bag that will chill beer and other beverages in just 15 minutes, called the Glacier Bag

"The reusable Glacier Bag are a revolutionary take on traditional coolers because they allow customers access to readily available ice," said Scot Imus, Executive Director of the Indiana Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Stores Association.

"If customers want to buy cold beverages, such as water or soda, the bags will keep that beverage cold. Conversely, if the customer buys a product that stores are forced to sell warm, such as beer, the product will be cold by the time that customer reaches their destination."

Convenience stores have long fought for the ability to sell carryout cold beer but lawmakers continue to side with liquor stores, who have that exclusive right.

Indiana is the only state that regulates the sale of beer based on temperature.

A news release said with the reusable Chill Indiana Glacier Bag, the customer makes a one-time purchase of a bag and then is allowed free access to ice from the store’s fountain machine on subsequent purchases. An ice-filled bag will take a bottle or can from room temperature to an acceptable consumable temperature in just 15 minutes, and it keeps that beverage cold for hours.

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Glacier Bags keep it cold, get around Indiana cold beer ban

INDIANAPOLIS, IN (WAVE) - Indiana convenience stores are not allowed to sell cold beer, so they have come up with a loophole.

It's called the Glacier Bag a reusable bag that will chill beer and other beverages in just 15 minutes.

Warm beer goes in the Glacier Bag, which is then filled with ice from the soda machine. The bag promises to cool your beer in 15 minutes and keep it cold for hours.

Customers who buy the bag get free ice from the store's ice machine on subsequent purchases.To see the list of stores selling the Chill Indiana Glacier Bags, click here.

The announcement was made before Memorial Day weekend, and was the latest attempt by the Indiana Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Stores Association to combat liquor stores' exclusive right to sell cold carry-out beer in Indiana.

Glacier Bag - Sneaky Way To Get Around Indiana's Beer Laws

,,The Chill Indiana Glacier Bag highlights the state's contradictory blue laws"

Plenty of place have puritanical laws governing where, when, and how you can buy alcohol. New Yorkers can buy beer in the grocery store, but not a bottle of wine. Utah won’t let you buy anything above 4.0% alcohol by volume outside of as state-controlled store. And perhaps strangest of all, Indiana gas stations and convenience stores can only sell beer at room temperature.

Thanks to an ingenious new product, however, the Hoosier state’s gas stations may have found a workaround for those who want to crack open an actual cold one. Meet the Glacier Bag , a reusable cooler bag with a suggested retail price of $6.99 that promises to turn your beer from warm to cold in about fifteen minutes. Customers who bring theirs to participating gas station can fill their Glacier Bag up with ice for free, avoiding bulky styrofoam containers and liquor store prices in the process.

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