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News & Updates

RP & Associates entered the Grub Tub in the 2018 World Food Innovation Awards. The Grub Tub is now one of the finalists to win this award!

January Popular Wine & Drink Accessory Trends

Unique Wine & Drink Accessories are a great way to promote your brand and drive sales.

Take a look at the images and pricing of our Silicone Wine Glass Tags and Wine Stoppers below; both can be customized with your logo and are a unique way to build brand awareness.

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RP & Associates now has four in-house 3D printers

Being a successful business means staying innovative!
These 3D printers allow us to stay innovative by creating custom prototypes, samples and inventing new products all in the same day.

RP & Associates visit F.O.A. trade show in South Florida

RP & Associates exhibited Franchise Owners Association trade show in South Florida. We displayed our newest Glacier Bags and Grub Tubs which will now be used in various 7-Elevens around Florida.

RP & Associates visit F.O.A. Trade Show in Chicago

RP & Associates introduce Glacier Bags & Grub Tub at the Franchise Owners Association of Chicagoland Trade Show. Glacier Bags were a hit in Chicago due to the amount of bags being sold out at the show.
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