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RP & Associates Provides Glass for World's Largest Irish Coffee

January 25 was National Irish Coffee Day. RP & Associates' Ashley Pola teamed up with Tullamore D.E.W. Whiskey and Fadò Irish Pub in Chicago to set the Guinness World Record for the World’s Largest Irish Coffee in order to observe and celebrate the holiday.

RP & Associates helped coordinate and manufacture the 7 foot glass for the World's Largest Irish Coffee, which was actually made out of an acrylic. "It held 162 bottles of Tullamore D.E.W. Whiskey, 140 gallons of coffee, 30 lbs of sugar, and 40 gallons of cream," said Ashley Pola, National Account Executive at RP & Associates; she added that "a special ingredient had to be added to make sure the 40 gallons of cream floated on top". Take a look at a few of the photos below or check out a quick video here and here.

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Grub Tub is a Solution to a Quintessential American Problem

Our very own Grub Tub was featured on the Beach Reporter and you can see an excerpt of the article below:

It's a slick, but unassuming office building on Pacific Coast Highway in Hermosa Beach. Inside, RP & Associates is all about innovation.

CEO Richard Pola and COO Omar Khalid create and redesign items for the food industry. Their latest product is called the Grub Tub.

Pola was sitting at a baseball game when someone spilled food on their lap. Then as he got up, someone stepped on his food. Gosh, he thought: There has to be a better way of eating food at a ball game or an event. Enter: the Grub Tub. It's a plastic bowl that locks in place over a soda cup. Through the bowl, there’s an opening to fit a straw, so consumers can eat and drink with ease. The tub holds a substantial 44 ounces of food, and can even be re-used.

You can read the full article by clicking here.

Grub Tub featured in The Starters on NBA TV

NBA TV's very own Skeets, Tas, Leigh and last, but certainly not least, Trey talked about the Grub Tub during their show, and they loved it!

We guess that the Grub Tub is a Very Solid Product!

We are definitely digging Toyota Center’s new food service offering known as “The Grub Tub.” This small plastic bowl that locks snuggly in place over a 32-ounce soda cup, with a hole for a straw, is simple and effective, yet surprisingly missing from every sports facility in America. Not anymore — the Grub Tub was created by Levy Restaurants and is already being eyed at other sports facilities. In Houston, a Grub Tub with a burger, hot dog or chicken strips will cost you about $18, while the nacho and soda is $15.25. They top four different collectible plastic cups commemorating the Rockets’ 50th season.

Pretty sweet….now they just need to sell one with beer. Personally, I don’t mind chugging back a cold one through a straw…but’s that just me.

Read Dave Brook's full article on Amplify Media.

Houston Rockets' legend Calvin Murphy sure does like the Grub Tub

The Grub Tub was featured during the Houston Rockets' Pre-Game show on Root Sports and we are glad to see Calvin Murphy, a true legend of the game, loving the Grub Tub!


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