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RP and Nathan's Taking Over Social Media

"I've never seen a company understand their customer base more than Nathan's." - we have seen countless comments like this all over social media about our newest Grub Tub.

The #GrubTub is quickly making its presence known across all social media platforms - Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and the feedback is phenomenal, even BuzzFeed called the Grub Tub a "Freakin Genius Idea".

The Grub Tub is finally getting the attention it deserves as a revolutionary product that is unquestionably changing the modern food and beverage industry, evident by the stellar feedback from our friends at Nathan's Famous. They were among the first to recognize the unparalleled potential of the Grub Tub that offered the perfect food and drink combo for their customers!

As the saying goes "the customer is always right" - let's take a look what the customers said about the Grub Tub:

{gallery}Grub Tub Squared - Social Media{/gallery}


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