Glacier Bag (6 Pack Can)

Solution for Ice Cold Beverages!

Provide customers with a quick/convenient way to chill their 6-pack when they grab it on the way to a party or event. Glacier Drink Pack can be used by beverage brands or retail to increase sales / impulse buys while promoting your marketing program.

How To

The Glacier Bag can be used by selling 6-packs inside the bag or provided separately to customers at the retail POS. Guest simply add ice and replace the cap; the beers will be chilled while on the go.

Popular Applications
  • Drive Retail Sales - Beverage Brands or Retail Channels can use the Glacer Drink Pack to provide customers with added value and give them another reason to buy from you instead of your competitor.
  • Off-Premise Marketing Impressions - Use Glacier Drink Pack with a marketing programs to drive sales and create off-premise impressions with full color custom artwork.
  • Outdoor Programs - Glacier Drink Pack is great for marketing campaigns related to the outdoors because you can give customers a way to chill and enjoy their favorite beverage when they're outdoors and/or away from a refrigerator; Glacier Bag is also reusable which is a great way to keep your brand top-of-mind each time the bag is used (functions as an ice bucket, ice pack, water proof storage container, drink/beverage pouch, etc).
Popular Customizations
  • Artwork - Custom branding to promote your brand and marketing program.
  • Style - Customize the size and shape to match your brands needs.
  • Lid - Customize the top for additional marketing opportunities or to integrate a straw, pressure release valve, small cup, etc.
  • Handle/Lanyard - Integrate a custom handle or lanyard into the bag or cap for easy carrying.
  • Spigot / Dispenser - Add a spigot or dispenser and the Glacer Pack can be used as a space saving beverage dispenser.

glacier bag 6 pack package

6 pack glacier bag

Glacier Bags on QVC TV

The Glacier Bag is not only reusable, low cost and customizable, but it can also float!

Glacier Bag


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