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The Affordable Moscow Mule Mug Set for Tasty Cocktails

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Moscow Mule Mug set affordable

Love a good cocktail? Then you need to try Moscow Mules if you haven't already. These are best consumed in mugs known as Moscow Mule mugs. We have an affordable Moscow Mule mug set which also has the recipe written out on the box which is great for gifts, retail, or personal use.

The mug set contains a total of 4 beautiful mugs. If retail stores purchase it, they can be assured that the set will be sold in high numbers. Not only will it attract first time customers, but it also has the potential to be bought by repeat customers as well. Use them at home and show off your wonderful purchase to relatives and friends.

A traditional Moscow mule mug is made of copper, which is an expensive material, so what most major restaurant chains and bars use nowadays are copper plated stainless steel to get the same look for a fraction of the price. With Christmas around the corner, you can consider buying this set for near and dear ones.

History of the Moscow Mule

Legend states that this cocktail was invented back in 1941. Its original birthplace was in Chatham Hotel, located in New York. The cocktail became immensely popular during the vodka craze in the US back in the 1950’s. Its name is derived from the popular perception that vodka is a Russian product, as it contains vodka in the recipe. Tradition and aesthetics have resulted in the Moscow Mule being served in copper mugs to this date.

John Martin, President of G.F. Heublin & Brothers, which was an East Coast importer of food and spirits, was responsible for popularising the Moscow Mule across pubs. Vodka, ginger beer and a dash of lime juice were brought together in a copper mug, and the rest became cocktail history. Martin’s marketing campaigns became known as one of the best campaigns in cocktail history.

Many people around the world have understood how the Moscow Mule mug set has become instrumental in getting guests together. Its distinctive taste makes people wonder about its creation. So every time you have a dinner party or a small get-together, make sure to serve this amazing cocktail to your friends or relatives.

Importance of Quality

There are many companies in the market that sell Moscow Mule mugs, but not all of them are good quality, or even safe to use. Make sure you conduct adequate amount of research to buy mugs of the highest quality. Our mugs are used by some of the largest bars, restaurants, and retail stores in the world, and we stock and warehouse over 200,000 in the U.S., making us one of the top suppliers in the nation.


RP & Associates specializes in product design, manufacturing, and distributing of barware, glassware, and promotional products including Moscow Mule Mugs.

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