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Beverage Industry Magazine features The Hitch

The Hitch, our custom bottle replica shot glass, was recently featured in the June 2014 Issue of Beverage Industry Magazine. You can see the article at this link or check it out at the bottom of this page.

If your not familiar with The Hitch, it's one of our patented and most popular products. It's a novelty sidecar shot glass that is custom designed and manufactured to replicate your brand's bottle; we can also make it a custom shapes for restaurants, hotels, resorts, and other industries.

The concept is simple, when someone takes a shot of a new spirit, flavor, or infusion, they often forget what they're drinking the minute they're done. The Hitch can be used on-premise to promote your brand and make sure it gets attention; one person sees another with The Hitch and they immediately want to know what it is and how they get one. It generates a buzz and increases sales on-premise, but it also helps patrons with bottle recognition so your bottle stands our on the shelf when they're making an off-premise purchase. It's also a great give-away item that can be packaged with a gift-set or VAP. Contact is today for a sample or to get your custom Hitch.

A new kind of sidecar

As a new serving accessory option for the foodservice and on-premise channels, RP & Associates offers The Hitch. This marketing concept enables liquor companies to spread brand awareness by affixing miniature branded bottles to various types of drinkware, including Margarita glasses, straight glasses, pilsner glasses and glass bottles. The miniature version of a full-size alcohol bottle shows the consumer and others in the bar or restaurant what brand of alcohol is in the cocktail. In addition, the 1.5-ounce miniature container can serve a functional role in holding an additional shot of liquor for the consumer to add to the drink. The Hitch also is reusable for the consumer to take home as a souvenir or for the bar or restaurant to clean and use again.



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