Boost Your Brand Awareness with Original Concepts

Here at RP&Associates,Inc. we believe in thinking outside of the box. We believe in creating experimental products that are actually worth remembering. How did we get started with this belief? Our fearless and to say the least, unique leader, Rich Pola has an imagination much different than your average CEO.

Rich has created The Grub Tub; you might’ve heard of it or even better yet got to experience it in person. Whether you’ve seen it on social media sites such as The Fat Jewish or featured on Fox sports, the grub tub has become a product that you are guaranteed to remember. You know how frustrating it is to be at an event or stadium and have to manage holding your food and drink and not spilling? Yeah, we got that feeling too. Rich took this annoyance we have all faced and decided to create something useful; a solution to carrying your food and beverage in one hand.

Is the Grub Tub the quintessential solution to your food and beverage convenience? I’d say being dubbed, “the greatest invention in food service since man discovered fire”, would be a nice start. We love being able to cheer on our favorite teams or slap hands with our buds while not having to worry about spilling. How would you like to experience the grub tub at your next big event and become a pioneer for successful brand awareness?


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