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Beverage Bags are a great way to increase beverage takeout sales, save storage space, and improve your customers’ experience. Individual cups are great for guests who are dining-in, but they’re inconvenient for family meals or when one person is picking up multiple drinks. A beverage bag eliminates the need for guests to juggle multiple cups with takeout orders and eliminates the risk of drink carriers tipping over in the car. Instead, our beverage bag has a reinforced and easy to carry handle, with an integrated pour spout to easily serve 5-8 people (depending on serving size). Beverage bags also offer reduced shipping costs (takes less space/weight on truck) and save on storage space in restaurants and other businesses. We can fit more than 200 gallon beverage bags into the same box that our clients can typically only fit twelve gallon-jugs; this space savings reduces required storage space and freight costs, while improving operational efficiency and sustainability. One gallon or half-gallon sizes are the most commercialized sizes of beverage bags, however we can custom manufacture them to make them any size you need. We also offer a pressure release cap/lid so the beverage bags can be used with carbonated beverages like sodas and beer. We can also custom print your artwork on your bag to increase brand awareness and recognition. Contact us today to learn more about our custom beverage bags, order yours, or request a sample.

Great Beer Promotional Items | The Cuff

unique beer promotional items

Promotions have been used to increase on-premise sales for decades, and one of the most popular ones is including a shot of liquor with a beer at a special price. With such a popular and proven promotion, there is a great opportunity to add even more value while promoting your brand in a memorable and cost-effective way. Most beer promotional items don’t add anything extra past the use of the item itself. The Cuff on the other hand, places your brand in the middle of a promotion that customers already love, adding extra value and excitement when they think of your brand. The Cuff, shaped like mini handcuffs, fits one end over the top of a beer bottle while the other end holds the shot glass. It’s a great way to securely serve an extra shot with a beer as a promotion, and can be branded with your name or logo and kept by the customer for top-of-mind awareness. Whether you’re a bar or restaurant looking for a great giveaway item or a beer or liquor company looking to sponsor a promotion to increase your brand awareness, The Cuff is a unique and exciting way to accomplish that. Interested in seeing a sample or getting a quote?

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3 Ways to use Custom Barware for Increased On-premise Sales

custom barware hitch

Whether you’re a bar, restaurant, club, or a specific alcohol brand, If you’re looking to improve your on-premise sales, being unique matters. Customers get used to the same old barware, same old drinks, and even same specials. It’s time to give them something different. Custom barware to the rescue.

  1. Upsell drinks in custom promotional cups

    Customers love to take home promotional cups/mugs to remember the fun times. Put your custom logo on a pint glass, barrel glass, or moscow mule mug and sell the drinks at a higher price and let them keep the cup. They’ll love it, and your logo will be displayed in their homes for years to come.

  2. Do a beer + shot promotion with a unique promo item

    Adding a shot of liquor to a beer purchase is a great way to upsell customers while giving them a high perceived value. Make it even more exciting and serve the shot on one of our custom sidecar Hitches or our custom branded Cuff with your logo! Just another item for your customer to remember you by, and a great sale for you.

  3. Stand out

    Trying to push a particular brand of liquor? Draw attention to the bottles by using our Air Light adhesive coasters! They stick to the bottom of the bottle, and light up with 3 different settings! Best of all, they are reusable and last over 24 hours.

5 Products for Great Spring and Summer Promotions

Spring is officially here, and Summer is just around the corner!

When considering which promotional products to go with for the beach and pool season, you want to look for products that are practical, unique, and fun.

Here are our top 5 picks for great promotional items this Spring and Summer (in no particular order):

1. Party Ball

The Party Ball is perfect for pools, resorts, casinos, golf courses, and any brands looking for a unique product that customers love. It's a self-contained and covered drinking cup with straw included.

Capacity: 24oz
Material: Plastic
Net Price: As low as $0.99 with 1-color logo

2. Moscow Mule Mugs

We've said it many times before, and we'll say it again, Copper Moscow Mule Mugs are arguably the hottest item for this Summer. We have 5 styles stocked domestically, with the fastest turnaround time in the industry.

Capacity: 14-16oz
Material: Stainless steel (copper coated), or aluminum (copper coated)
Net Price: As low as $3 with 1-color logo

3. Plastic Mason Jar

Made with our crystal clear plastic, these jars look almost identical to glass, but without the danger of them breaking. Comes with a lid and straw!

Capacity: 16oz
Material: Plastic
Net Price: As low as $0.99 with 1-color logo

4. Double Wall Acrylic Tumblers

These tumblers have an inner and outer wall that helps keep drinks cold and eliminate sweating. They also come with a lid and straw.

Capacity: 16oz
Material: Plastic (acrylic)
Net Price: As low as $1.99

5. Keep Cold Cup

Our Keep Cold Cup is a new staple for drinking on a hot day. It houses a compartment built up into the body of the cup that allows for ice to be inserted and kept separate from the beverage. Ice is placed into the bottom of the chamber and secured by a twist-on bottom so your drink stays cold and doesn’t water down.

Capacity: 21oz
Material: Plastic (acrylic)
Net Price: As low as $1.99

Buyer Beware When It Comes To Custom Promotional Products

When looking to source custom promotional products, most savvy buyers look to the internet as their yellow pages of suppliers. Not only is it a more efficient use of their time, it also opens up the search to custom manufacturers from all around the world. It offers them a chance to immediately source goods and items from the global marketplace without traveling to the factory or speaking the language. This convenience has offered a tremendous savings in buyers’ valuable time and has increased their productivity exponentially.

There is only one caveat: buyer beware. Most factories overseas don’t have a website or even a sales force. They rely on trading companies or global sourcing websites to promote their manufacturing capabilities. Many of these trading companies are no more than a broker operating out of an offshore office and fielding requests via email. Quality control is difficult to manage and payment needs to be made before the merchandise ships from the factory. The CEO of one of the leading websites recently stepped down as a result of fraudulent accusations against his company:

For this reason, it is extraordinarily important that you work with seasoned professionals. RP & Associates has been designing and sourcing custom promotional items and goods for over 20 years from our corporate office in Hermosa Beach, CA. We have direct relationships with the actual factories, and have boots on the ground to inspect shipments before they leave the port. In short, you feel secure and can trust that your business is in good hands. Our global sourcing company has a USA office and knowledgeable staff that will stand behind every one of the promotional products we produce. Additionally, we are available to speak with our clients at every step of the process.


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