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The Grub Tub is Finally Available for Purchase in Europe!

This exciting new cup & bowl was recently released in North America and is taking the continent by storm. It is receiving amazing reviews from both the press and the public alike. To put it simply,

“If you’re looking for a product to make it easier for people to eat and drink on the go, the Grub Tub is the best device on the market.”- Sports Club Magazine.

In today’s world, most people multitask. The Grub Tub, designed by RP & Associates, fits into that arena perfectly. Whether you’re at a sports event or walking around the city, the Grub Tub makes carrying and consuming your food and drink convenient and simple. With the Grub Tub, you can talk, text or take pictures with your phone while consuming your food and drink. At sporting events, it gives you the opportunity to cheer for your team without the fear of spilling all over yourself.

“I was at a football game with my daughter and we had just purchased french fries and drinks,” said Richard Pola, CEO of RP & Associates and inventor of the Grub Tub. “We found carrying our food and drinks to our seats to be cumbersome and it was even more difficult to eat and drink while watching the game. I looked around and I realized everyone had this problem and I knew there had to be a better way.”

Weeks later, the Grub Tub was born and The New York Yankees were the first to jump aboard. “From there we started getting calls from sports stadiums, concert halls and companies in major cities that cater to tourists and those on the go,” said Pola. “Out of my nearly 30 years of experience and the many products I have created; I have never seen such enthusiasm over a product.”

Dozens of other organizations have added the Grub Tub to their concession stands including: The Arizona Diamondbacks, Green Bay Packers, Houston Rockets, Clemson University, Washington State University, stadiums throughout the Canadian Football League, as well as movie theaters and theme parks around the world.

RP & Associates is a well-established custom product design and marketing agency based in Hermosa Beach, California. For nearly 30 years, RP & Associates has specialized in working with national restaurant chains and spirit brands in developing innovative sales and marketing programs that drive high margin sales as well as brand loyalty. Their client’s include Bloomin Brand’s, Diageo, Jack Daniel’s, Landry’s Restaurants, Levy Restaurants, Patrón Tequila, Stoli and many more.

I did my usual brand testing to see if the Grub Tub product lived up to the hype and I put it through the works. I filled my 32oz cup to the brim with soda and overloaded the Grub Tub with an assortment items including of french fries, hamburgers, chicken nuggets and popcorn to really test its strength and versatility. Then I was off to the MetLife Stadium to see The New York Giants play. On the crowded subway, I stood and people were enamored with my Grub Tub. As I relaxed eating my food and drinking my Coke, people who had never seen the Grub Tub before asked me where they could get their own.

I give the Grub Tub my 9Star out of 10Star Product Rating, and for those who know me that is rare. It lost 1 point for not coming in different sizes, however Pola says they will offer various sized Grub Tubs in the near future. This is a must product for every sports stadium, theme park, concert hall or any business.


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